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Top Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Roof in Roseburg

Roseburg, Oregon can be pretty hard on roofs. We always think of the dozen different kinds of rain that constantly accost our roofs between roughly August and June, but there are other forms of weather that are just as damaging to roofs, if not more: weeks upon weeks of blazing sun can soften and deform asphalt shingle roofing; howling winds can suck shingles straight off the top of your house; constant moisture can foster the growth of moss, plants, and even more; moisture combined with freezing can crack and break even the most durable materials, and that includes an older rood; and of course, we cannot forget the endless march of time.

How do you know when it’s time to replace your roof? Here are five fool-proof signs that it’s time to call Standridge Roofing, your Roseburg roof replacement experts. They’ll get right to work protecting your biggest investment from the brutal assortment of elements Oregon has on offer any given year.

Roof Repair Warning Signs: Dropping Granules

The granules embedded in the surface of your asphalt shingle roofing protect the material underneath from some of weather’s worst effects. Without it, your shingles are vulnerable to further deterioration and, eventually, complete failure.


  • Patchy Dark Spots: This is where the granules have sloughed off, revealing the asphalt underneath.
  • Granules in Drains and at Drip Points If you notice large accumulations of shed granules, this indicates a general failure in your roofing system.

Roof Repair Warning Signs: Moss, Plants, and Dirt

Over time, debris settles on top of your roof. The same weathering that is so effective at eventually breaking down your roofing also breaks down this errant organic matter, turning it into an ideal location for seeds and spores to settle down and bloom.


  • Moss: Moss will grow wherever there is enough shade, moisture, and nutrients
  • Plants: If there is enough debris built up, you might even s

Roof Repair Warning Signs: Curling Shingles

If your roof has experienced truly difficult times, the asphalt within the shingles themselves may lose elasticity and flexibility.


  • Curling Shingles: Shingles that are visibly lifting or “tacoing” on the edges
  • Shingles with Rolled and Frayed Edges: This is a serious warning sign

Roof Repair Warning Signs: Missing or Damaged Shingles

Though this might seem self-explanatory, you would be surprised how few people routinely examine their rooftops.


  • Missing Shingles: Make sure to scan your entire roof periodically for missing shingles
  • Damaged Shingles: Less obvious than missing shingles, but just as damaging to your roof’s integrity

Roof Repair Warning Signs: Old Roof


Even if you have looked over your whole roof for the above four concerns, there is still one big question remaining:

How old is your roof? If you say 20 years or more, you should have the roof replacement experts at Standridge roofing give it a good-health examination. If it’s time for a replacement, you can trust Standridge roofing to give you a fair quote, a timeframe that works for you, and a job well done. Call Standridge today for a free roof replacement estimate.

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Randy and the crew at Standridge Construction really are the best.  These guys are obviously no ordinary roofers because they manage to do all the things other contractors struggle with: show up on time, get the job done at the original price we agreed on, and complete the job quickly.   As a bonus, my roof was repaired so perfectly, even I can’t tell where the work was done!  Thanks Randy for being a contractor that we can depend on–we’ll recommend you to all our neighbors.

Just wanted to say that Randy at Standridge Construction really made the process of getting our roof replaced easy.  At first, I tried referrals from friends, but none of the companies I called were very responsive.   I got a hold of Randy right away and he came out and gave us an estimate the next day.  The guys replaced our roof that week and I was super impressed by how they took care of our yard and cleaned everything up afterward.   A HUGE thank you to everyone in the crew!

I just had my roof replaced by Standridge Construction and it looks amazing!  The quality of the materials and workmanship really makes my house stand out in my neighborhood.  Randy and his guys are really the best.

The roof on our house was leaking, so I called around to get quotes from a few contractors…and they all told me that I needed a new roof.  I couldn’t afford that, so I finally called Randy and he was able to repair our roof for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.  Thank you for being honest and we appreciate what we did for us!

I was really impressed with the professionalism of Randy and his whole crew.  They got the job done on time, at the price we agreed at and the yard was spotless when they were finished.  Thanks for taking care of our home, Randy!